Wonderfully Weathered

Who doesn’t love a distressed wall?  As I’ve posted so many times, those architectural accents (old wood floors, mouldings, concrete) are what make the difference even without furnishings in a living space.  If you live in a regular old house (like we do!) they can be hard to fake, so while I get a lot of inspiration from lofts and reclaimed industrial buildings, I’m always looking for clever ways to fake that industrial feel till I make it (which might be never, while I now live in an old New England industrial mill town, the move to reclaim the old factories is slow).  There are so many options for textured wall finishes and even wallpaper, but if that is too much of a commitment, try an oversized textured or abstract canvas.  Even just one wall behind a bed or sofa can give you that wonderful weathered feel without up and moving to a real live loft!

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