Window Dressing Trends For 2022

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Window Dressing Trends For 2022

We’re almost done with 2021 and not wanting to jinx anything, but we hope that 2022 is going to be a much better year than the past few. So in the run up to the new year, it’s the perfect time to do any home décor updates you have planned, ready to enter 2022 with a more stylish home, ready to celebrate life and freedom as we exit the worldwide pandemic.

One big area of home décor, which isn’t often touched on is window shades, a good set of window shades can completely change the look of a room, by augmenting the natural light, adding in extra colours and assist in layering textures across a room.

So with that in mind, we spoke to the team at to get some expert insights, into what the décor trends for window blinds and shades will be in 2022. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Double Roller Blinds

First off, the team at DotcomBlinds say they’ve seen interest in double roller blinds skyrocket over the past year and they expect that trend to continue into 2022, with double roller blinds being one of the hottest items they currently sell.

If you’re not in the know, double roller blinds are a set of two roller blinds attached to one bracket, with one blind as a dimout blind which lets some light pass through and a second blind which is blackout and completely blocks out light from outside.

DotcomBlinds attributes their newfound popularity to the rise of working from home, with people at home during the daytime and the night time there needs to be a blinds solution that works well at day and night, which the double roller blind does perfectly.

Day & Night Blinds

Continuing the trend of blinds that work well at keeping rooms bright in the daytime and dark at the night time, we have day & night blinds and as their name suggests, they’re designed specifically to work well at any time of the day.

These day & night blinds, are made like a cassette, with one looped piece of fabric, that can be pulled up or rotated. This cassette fabric has alternating horizontal strips of blackout material and see through material, allowing you to line up the blackout strips to create a blackout blind, or allow the see through sections to line up to let light pour through the see through strips.

These blinds have achieved popularity, because of their day and night utility, but also because they have a striking, striped design. With stripes becoming more popular in 2021, day & night blinds are the perfect blind for creating a stripey look and as we go into 2022 they will only get more popular.

Electric Blinds

Finally, we have electric blinds, which are like normal roller blinds, but rather than being operated by pulling a chain, they have a motor and a remote control to move them up and down. All of this makes them very easy to use and creates a nice minimalist look as there are no chains or cords.

The popularity behind these blinds is twofold, as décor savvy people know the trend of minimalism has been growing in popularity over the past few years and a blind with no cords or chains fits well into a minimalist look. Another thing pushing the advance of electric blinds is the trend of smart homes and having electric blinds, fits into the general vibe of a smart home.

These blinds will only become more popular in years to come as smart home technology advances and becomes more accessible for users! 



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