What’s My Custom Blog Design style?

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What’s My Custom Blog Design style?

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If you are anything like me, trying to nail down your personal style and branding presence is a little bit like trying to chase a greased pig, as we say in the south.  You get your head around what you want for your custom blog design style, and then boom, it slips out of your grasp, much like, well, a greased pig.  I am the same way.  If you asked me to pick out the style of interior design that I wanted for each room in my home, or my home itself, I could show you a million pins on PInterest, from boho eclectic to dark and romantic and cozy to clean, chic and white, and for a minute I would think I wanted all of these things, and more.  But in design terms, too much is definitely too much, so here are a few items to consider when trying to nail down your blog design template and designer blog style.

First of all, let’s say that you are married to a color.  That is absolutely fine!  If you have fuchsia fingertips and toes, lipstick, and even a rogue pink streak in your hair, then that’s your signature color.  On a custom blog design, the key to being a good blog designer is to translate the client’s personal style into an effective blogger template that conveys their personality.  So if you are a fuchsia gal, let’s go for it! One to two solid colors is an excellent way to brand a blog, with the additional benefit of not having the colors clash with your blog posts.  An important consideration for blog designs is how your blog posts and other content (eg. Instagram feed, Pinterest pins) are going to look together on the page.  And a good design blogger will post a lot of images in each post, so the goal when building a custom blog design is to make sure that the blogger template frames your content, not fights with it for attention.   So, if you have a fuchsia-themed blog, and you start posting a lot of neutral and gray-themed photos, it might look weird.  If you are certain you are a bright colors gal, and all the photos you post will be happy and bright, a bright design is great.  As a blog designer, I usually tell people when they are choosing their custom blog design that they want to think of blog designs as a frame for the blog content.  A blog is about content after all, photos and text that you post, so think of it as the background, its purpose should be to highlight your content.  I like to use neutral colors and then bring in some texture with metallic gold and silver.

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A custom website design is different however, in that you want to use your website to convey your brand, and that may include certain colors.  Additionally, you can curate the photos on your website, so that the entire user experience presents a cohesive picture of who you are and what you do.



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