Whatever. I’m Still Fabulous.

My sisters, what a week it has been.  So when I ran across this image on Pinterest, I pretty much wanted to take it home and marry it!  I’ve cussed someone out (a tech guy, on International Women’s Day, so much for gracious and dignified), ate some fried chicken, got some really bad news on a sick family member, and have taken like 5 benadryls (as far as I will go on a sleeping pill).  Plus I didn’t use Moroccanoil like usual and I’m a frizzball.  Oh, and I ate some fried chicken, did I mention that?We all have weeks, months, even years like that, but you know what?  I’m still fabulous and so are you!  I’m taking the weekend off so I don’t come back on Monday sounding like a raging maniac, I know you’ll all thank me!  TGIF, enjoy your day and thanks for putting up with the crazy LBD!

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