Week. End.

Did you ever have a day or a week where you just say and do the wrong thing at every step?  I just got up from some prayerful meditation this morning (like 5 minute’s worth, I’m not that patient first thing in the morning and I’m always excited to get to my coffee) but still, asking that God guide me to say and do the right things.  I feel like this past week everything I did was thoughtless and self-centered, like, I would say or write something in an email and then look back and be like, why the heck did I just do that?!  

I think it’s just from being really busy, August was a crazy month, but still, I’m really disgusted with myself.  There’s no sense in dwelling on the past, but I hope I have a nicer, more thoughtful September, starting today.  Do you guys ever do that?  Like, just be like, WHY did I just do that?  I know I’m not the only one!  Anyway, here’s my thoughtful inspiration for a thoughtful Saturday! 

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