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It’s wedding season!  Not yet, for me, but I’m working a couple of wedding blogs right now so my mind is on weddings, and I thought I would share some of this lovely inspo.  My own wedding was a low-key affair, family only and a few special friends, I picked out my wedding dress in one trip, told my sister as my matron of honor to wear whatever she wanted, and knocked out flowers and menu in one fell swoop.  I designed my own wedding invitations (natch) and instead of an organ or a band, I hired a professional cellist (the cello is my instrument!) to play a Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 (if you’re looking for a beautiful wedding march, you found it).  We had a small church wedding (I’m actually a fairly religious Episcopalian) and then a sit down dinner in a rooftop club overlooking the lovely lights of downtown Savannah.  It was so nice!  Stress-free, and I thoroughly enjoyed the day.  As many of you know sadly I became a widow but I’m getting remarried at some point (I was originally planning to do it in Europe but I found out you have to pretty much sneak into the UK to get hitched and Paris turns out to be a no-go unless you’re like, a million times French).  Sooo, the jury is out on that, but it will also be low-key and stress free.

That doesn’t mean I don’t love a big fancy wedding though!  I love going to them, I love the inspiration, it’s one of my favorite things to pin, but for my practical self, it’s sort of a fantasy world.  But I’m as big a fan of SMP as anyone, and I love to hear about other weddings.  So if you have a great wedding story, fill me in below, I’d love to listen!  Enjoy!



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