What to Wear: Weekend on Nantucket

Weekend on Nantucket

Full disclosure:  I’m not on Nantucket this weekend, I’m in Ft. Lauderdale (don’t come here in the summer it’s hot!) but will finally be back in New England in August, so I’m already planning what to pack!  The key to remember for New England summers (Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, Newport, Cape Cod) is that it can get cold.  Yes, seriously cold (at least to me) at night.  And the ocean is cold (once again, at least to me) so when you get out, you for sure want long sleeves or a good towel to wrap up in.

The other thing, leave the neon and Brazilian cut bikinis at home, if you feel me.  New England beach style is preppy, relaxed and low-key, it’s about as far of a cry from South Beach as you can get.  Ya’ll, I’ve been so influenced by the style down here that I actually bought a Brazilian bikini because, like, everyone wears them.  It’s nuts!  But believe me that baby won’t be making an appearance above the Florida state line, this inspiration board is much more my style and by coincidence it’s also patriotic, so enjoy, be safe whatever you’re doing this holiday (feel free to comment below), and wear what you love!  Happy Fourth!


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