Wake Up, Brooklyn

This is by far my favorite photo I’ve found on Pinterest in the past few weeks.  A downtown loft, it totally reminds me of my NYC days.  Everyone should live in NYC for at least a year, I think it should be, like, mandatory lol.  I actually was there for 4 years and it was fantastic, though I’m not sure I could do it now.  I lived in so many cool places, met amazing people, took the time to really learn the city.  I lived all over:  Chelsea, Park Slope, Upper East Side, Williamsburg.  Ya’ll I lived on Grand Street when it was still all little old ladies with their astroturf and statues of the santos in their front yards!  Now I could probably afford a cardboard box on the corner lol.  I like my quiet life now (and ironically in south Florida I’m surrounded by New Yorkers) but I still try to get up for a visit a few times a year, all good!

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