Voy a Medellín

Hola chicas!  I’m off to Medellín for a few days and won’t be working or available via email.  Just a heads up, if you’re a client you can always refer to my post here on troubleshooting blog or website problems, and in the meantime, stay tuned to my instagram stories for posts from my trip!

We actually were just in Medellín back in December, we have friends there and it’s a short and direct flight from Ft. Lauderdale so we decided to check it out!  I was so glad I did, I love that city!  It’s not my spirit animal like Copenhagen and the Scandinavian cities (ya’ll when I arrived in Copenhagen, I knew in my heart, I just knew, that Copenhagen was my spot).  So while my love for Latin culture is second to my love for Scandinavia, you have to admit that a quick trip to South America is a lot easier and cheaper than Denmark when you live in South Florida.

There are a lot of misconceptions about Medellín, it’s not a dangerous city (well actually, lately it is – pockets of civil unrest have broken out in the past month or so but we know where we’re going and what we’re doing, if you don’t, proceed with caution for sure).  But it’s super metropolitan and gorgeous, and the paisas (residents of Medellín and the state, or department, of Antioquia are known as paisas) are incredibly nice.  They have great malls and restaurants and there are plenty of Americans and Europeans there, it’s really becoming quite the destination.  It’s my long-term plan to retire there, really all you need to obtain citizenship at least at this time is to purchase a piece of property the equivalent of $130,000 (I know, right?!).  It’s not tropical either like some of the coastal cities, Medellín is located in a mountain valley so it’s temperate year ’round, it’s actually known as the City of Eternal Spring.  You need to speak some Spanish (solo poquito, just enough to at least read the signs and have a very basic communication with servers and Uber drivers and the like) but it’s quite cosmopolitan with a growing tech industry as well (not to mention their superior medical and dental care).

If you want to read more about my take on Medellín you can check out my post here, The Gringa’s Guide to Medellín, where I go through some basics, there are a million better guides to Medellín but this is mine, lol.  Anyway, adios y muchos besos, I’ll see you guys again next Tuesday!




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