Typography Design + Decor Part I

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Typography Design + Decor Part I




Typography design – my absolute favorite. You can do almost anything with black type on a white background, trust me. I am an absolute nut for fonts of all kinds. Some girls keep a wish list of handbags or cosmetics that they want, I keep a wishlist of fonts! Investing in professional fonts is always worth it. People tease me about how much money I spend on shoes. And here’s the thing. I actually don’t have a lot of shoes. They all fit in my closet, I haven’t had to have new storage built, it’s not about quantity but quality. I try to explain this, trust me, I will shop for clothes at Forever 21 in a heartbeat, but I rarely spend less than $100 on a pair of shoes. I have learned over the years that if I invest in a good pair of shoes I will never be sorry. They are comfortable, they wear well, and often they make my size 10 bigfoot look a little bit smaller and more dainty. I think of fonts the same way. You can download hundreds of free fonts on multiple sites, and many of them are good. I’ve found some really nice typography this way. But the fonts that I use the most I have purchased from reliable font foundries. When you purchase a font, you also get a collection of glyphs that can be added using a design program like Adobe Illustrator. You can also give your font a more custom look by adjusting the kerning or shearing the font, it’s amazing how many different variations you can create just by adjusting these elements slightly. Does all of this sound like I am speaking Greek? Not to worry. Let me do the work for you.
My logo design company , ecommerce website development and website design company, Little Blue Deer, can utilize fonts to create a memorable representation of your brand. Fonts play a huge part in design, be it a custom logo, a blog header, or the homepage of a website, and they should accurately reflect your style. Little Blue Deer web design company is a best ecommerce solution and offers website development for small shops and designers, so let us design a logo, custom blog or website just for you. From nifty script handwritten fonts for a fun and free feel to clean and elegant sans serif fonts for a more sophisticated feel, we can translate what is in your head to your blog, logo or website with a design that is completely unique to you.
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