Tolix Time Again

Does everyone remember the Tolix craze of the early aughts?  Tolix was everywhere, and while it has lost some of its newness, I’m still a huge fan!  We have tolix chairs with a distressed wood dining table, and tolix barstools in our modern kitchen.  My husband thinks they’re uncomfortable (they’re totally not ha ha) but I love them for so many reasons.  We have cats so I try not to have anything upholstered (immediate destruction!).  And for dining chairs, you can wipe any spills right off – with upholstery, one random cranberry sauce spill on Thanksgiving and that’s all she wrote!  I love the shiny industrial edge they offer, and there are so many knockoffs now, they’re totally affordable.  So if you’ve been against them, maybe it’s time to reconsider Tolix!

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