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To the letter.  All it takes is one piece of statement artwork to take a room from ho hum to hot, hot, hot.  Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t have the best taste in art (beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that); I don’t begrudge anyone their taste, but if you’re going to buy a piece of art, please don’t let it be from Pottery Barn, or something mass-produced in a catalog!  The whole point of art is to have it be unique and special to you, it doesn’t feel good to go to a dinner party and sit underneath the same canvas that is hanging in your living room.  Etsy is still a fantastic source for original art, and it’s so much fun to search.  And, I’ll be honest.  I have found some really cool stuff at TJ Maxx, Ross and Homegoods!  They usually only have one of each item in the art department there so at least you know you’ll be the only person in your town with that piece.  Bottom line, a great piece of art can tie a room together and leave a memorable impression on guests who visit your home.  And it’s fun to buy!  Enjoy!
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