Time to Go Bananas

Not literally, although I’m coming close to going bananas some days, I haven’t really had a break this whole year, though I’m grateful, combined with the stir-craziness of quarantine life it makes you a little, well, edgy to say the least. But I’m still committed to celebrating the seasons whether I can physically get out in them as much or not, and since it’s August, we’re still on that tropical vibe!

I’ve always been a big fan of monstera and banana leaves, you can easily get some great artificial ones on Etsy too, along with kilim rugs, rattan furniture and hand-woven baskets. These are just a few more elements that don’t force you to change your whole decor scheme, but can easily be incorporated into your existing rooms. The natural colors in particular blend in well with almost any theme, so it’s fun to think about ways to bring in some natural accents and foliage to give your decor that warm, tropical feel. I know fall is just around the corner, but enjoy winter while it lasts!

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