Tiled and Textured

When summer comes here, even the vibrant downtown colors of Miami look washed out thanks to the white hot heat and humidity (more on our upcoming search for a summer place in Vermont soon!) so it’s hard to even conceptualize the superbright colors that make Miami what it is, I start really gearing towards neutrals and whites, tiles and textures.

The key to neutral interior design is layers: think a sisal rug over cool slate tiles, 100% cotton everything, reclaimed wood and white china. Neutral is definitely my summer vibe, so I’m gearing up with some of my favorite layer and texture inspiration, above, enjoy! What about you, are you a neutrals or Lilly Pulitzer brights gal come 90 degree heat? And if you’re a neutrals fan and live down under, this darling Aussie shop, Sunday Lane, looks like it’s your go-to source, ran across it on Pinterest and believe me, If I lived below the equator it would be be one stop shop for all things home!

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