Three personal touches to add to your wedding table décor

Everyone wants a wedding that’s totally unique and personal to them. You’ve likely already thought about the ideal musical accompaniment on your big day, and could even have started way back with a personalised engagement ring. But when it comes to your wedding table decorations, how can you give them that meaningful touch to add an extra special element to the day? Here are three ideas you can include in your wedding decorations that will be sure to go down well with your guests. 

Potted plants 

Gone are the days of the standard place cards showing people where to sit – why not get a little creative and use potted plants to display the seating arrangements? Not only is this a fun and quirky way of directing your guests to their seats, it also gives them a small wedding favour that can be taken home afterwards. Attach a name tag to one of the leaves or to the plant pot to make it clear where people should be going. 

What’s more, a plant can be a more meaningful gift than other customary favours such as confectionery, and it will remind your guests of the special day long after the knot has been tied. Some plants will work better as wedding favours than others, so be sure to read up on the best pot plants to give your guests. 

Quotes and lyrics 

Add another personal touch to your table décor by including your favourite love quotes or lyrics that may be particularly meaningful to you. Perhaps the lyrics come from the song that was playing when you and your partner first met, or from a special book or poem from your childhood. Not only do they add an extra romantic dimension to your wedding decorations, but they can also act as a conversation starter for guests who may have never met before. 

Whether you use the same quotes for every table, or mix them up to spark different conversations, there are many different ways you can incorporate these meaningful words into your décor. Perhaps they could be embroidered into the table cloths, printed onto the napkins, or quite simply written on a small board in the middle of the table. Whichever method you choose, you can be sure that this personal touch will be greatly appreciated by your guests and make the day even more memorable. 


How much more personal can you get than creating your very own centrepieces or other table decorations? If you can find the time during the manic wedding preparations and you have an eye for craft, designing and creating your own finishing touches can be a great way to demonstrate your love and appreciation for your guests.

This process could be as simple as creating your own floral arrangements in empty wine bottles or personalised baskets. If you’re super prepared, perhaps you could collect and save empty bottles that you have enjoyed together during your relationship, and attach a story to each one for the different tables. 

Alternatively, why not find some of your favourite photos with family and friends and frame these as the centerpieces for your tables? This is a great way to include your nearest and dearest in the very fabric of your wedding, whilst also allowing everyone to look back on the special times you’ve shared together. 


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