This Weekend… Relax

Ya’ll it has been a week to say the least. Am I only one who went crazy this week? It was truly one of the worst weeks of the year, work was nuts and hard (harder than usual) and to boot my husband got the flu and then to add on to that, we’re getting ready to go back to Vermont so I was doing manicure, hair, mailing packages, finishing up Christmas, ugh it was awful! Then on Thursday I woke up also feeling sick, obvi, ha ha but I od’ed on Emergen-C and went to bed at 9 p.m., I think I slept and sweated it all out because I woke up feeling better for sure, but still, this weekend I am looking forward to something like this, relaxing, preparing for the holiday week ahead, and giving myself a little break.

What about you, do you enjoy the month of December and take in every special holiday moment, or do you run around like a madwoman trying to make everything perfect and then by the time it’s Christmas morning, you’re totally shot out and spent? Ha ha I’ve been the latter this year, I guess there’s always 2020! I’m taking a much-needed break this week, see you all on the flip side!


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