The Hygge Hunker

Okay so part of what makes my business so successful is that I’m a planner. If you’ve ever worked with Little Blue Deer you’ll know that I’m fast and super-organized. Prep, prep, prep! So for winter, I’ve already gotten a flu shot, had the furnace inspected and stocked in the cough syrup and Thera Flu (just in case). I mean last March you couldn’t get Thera Flu to save your life, so why not, right? But now it’s time to turn my attention inward. Though we are supposed to go to Florida this winter, if there is any question at all on travel or safety I for sure won’t be going. So I’m already preparing for a long winter stuck at home, so I’m collecting inspiration and ideas, nothing fancy, just trying to think of ways to bring that hygge feel home in case we’re stuck.

It’s bad enough in Vermont in winter period, but add in a quarantine, and well, some scented candles, fur throws and sparkling white lights are most definitely called for! So here’s some of my favorite recent Pinspiration to hunker down and stay safe in the long, loooonnnngggg winter that lies ahead!

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