The Cozy Kitchen

I don’t know about you, but we have barbequed a lot this summer! Our summer is so short we have to maximize time for cookouts, and this is the first time we’ve had a little yard for a grill in years, after 5 years of living in high-rise condos with a balcony (and choosing to be respectful and not accidentally burn our neighbors down with an ill-advised grill!) we have made the most of our barbeque opportunities. But now it’s getting a little cool for that, so I’m turning my attention to the kitchen. I love cozy touches in the kitchen that make it feel a little less utilitarian, think out of the box accents like an oil painting or portrait, a cuddly ticking pillow or an old-fashioned brush display. It’s fun to find something like old copper or whisk brushes to collect and display in the kitchen if you have any extra space (which we don’t!) as well. I’m getting excited to start cooking all of my fall recipes, think sweet potato and pumpkin, how about you?!

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