The Art of the Matter

Okay, apocalypse vent over, who is getting crafty during our enforced time at home? I’m a fantastic digital artist (I mean duh, it’s my job) but I fall down when it comes to fine art, crafting and DIY. I’ve seen some absolutely amazing craft and art projects on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, I was really getting a huge kick out of people at home recreating classic paintings till I saw a super creepy Hieronymus Bosch one that involved hairless cats, frying pans and more nudity than I can appreciate, lol. But I’ve always been a big fan of fine art, not like, the super, overly-reproduced type you can buy at Wayfair (although I definitely have a few of those) but like real, fine art. Which does not even have to be expensive, I just love the unique touches a painting or collage gives a room, so here are some of my recent, edgier faves, enjoy!

What have YOU been doing that’s crafty and fun lately (and please, nothing involving frying pans or nudity! 😉

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