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Thank you so, so much to everyone who reached out to me on my blog and Instagram during Hurricane Irma.  It was a truly traumatic experience that I hope I never have to go through again (though since I don’t plan on moving I probably will!).  Early in the week Irma was poised for a direct hit in South Florida and we had to decide whether to leave or stay which is gut-wrenching, you don’t want to leave your home, but you don’t want to suffer for possibly weeks with no power and place yourself in danger.  For those who criticize Floridians for not leaving, let me just say, there was no gas available last week, and nowhere to go – there are two main highways that lead out of state for us and they were both crawling.  No hotels.  One hotel I called said to try Tennessee.  Tennessee!!  Plus you just don’t know where the hurricane is going to hit, our instinct was to go to the west coast but it turns out it struck there instead.  So!  Happily we are all safe and okay for the most part but it was traumatic and I am so grateful for everyone’s patience and support, it means a lot.  God bless all our readers and followers, thank you!

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  1. I totally get it. Most, if not all of my family in Florida stayed for those very same reasons. Im so glad everyone, you included, turned out to be ok. Hopefully Florida will recover well.

    1. Thank you so much Michelle. It was such a stressful decision. I don’t think someone could understand if they have not been through it. I even understand why people stayed in the Keys. God bless you and I’m glad your family is safe too!


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