Custom website logo and blog design terms

custom website and blog design priceC O M M U N I C A T I O N
Communication through email only please, no phone calls will be accepted.  Email answered Monday through Thursday EST.  Friday is design day, where we create (for you!) uninterrupted.  ABSOLUTELY NO PHONE CALLS WILL BE ACCEPTED AT ANY TIME, LBD IS STRICTLY AN INTERNET-BASED BUSINESS.  PLEASE TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION YOUR COMFORT LEVEL WITH THIS BEFORE PROCEEDING WITH YOUR ORDER.

Though we do save your files for future updates (file storage included in design fee), we are not responsible if files are lost or damaged.  If you would like a copy of your master files to store yourself, please let us know.  Otherwise, we claim no responsibility for file storage.

A D D I T I O N A L  T E R M S  +  C O N D I T I O N S

  • Payment via Paypal or check only.  Checks should be made out to Little Blue Deer, LLC.  Address will be provided.  You do not need a Paypal account to use a credit card.  Outstanding balances after 30 days will be referred to attorney and professional collection action will be taken.
  • Your blog or site design will include a footer linking to Little Blue Deer, LLC.
  • Design proofs not used are the property of Little Blue Deer, LLC.  Your website and any associated graphics are your property and we will be glad to provide you with the graphic files.
  • Want to use a photo you found on Pinterest, Blogger or elsewhere on the Internet?  We do not claim ownership of any of the photos utilized unless specified.  Please keep in mind that LBD charges for design, not use of photos, as they are not our  property.  If you are the owner of a photo and wish to have it removed, please kindly email.  If you are the blog or site owner, we will replace your photo.  We encourage credit of photos utilized. If you require additional stock photography or illustrations, the fee for these will be added to your final invoice.
  • We utilize outside vendors including Photobucket and ImageShack for photo hosting.  We are not responsible for any service issues or interruptions from these vendors.  We do assume all costs associated with their services.
  • We are not responsible for SEO, page views, analytics, any loss of content or traffic, any lapse in hosting or domain or any technical issues.  It is your responsibility to keep WordPress and plugins updated.  Site security is the responsibility of you and your hosting provider.  We are not responsible for any loss of profit or revenue.  We are graphic designers, not website or blog hosts.
  • We are not responsible if your website or blog is hacked or otherwise compromised.  This is the responsibility of your site host.  It is your responsibility to keep your themes and plugins updated and to maintain your choice of site backup/site lock as offered by your hosting provider.  We are not responsible for compromised passwords on installation or host.
  • We do not offer shopping cart or e-commerce of any kind.
  • We are not responsible for 3rd party installed plug-ins (slideshows, contact forms, etc.).  We generally use “Best in Practice” WordPress plug-ins but are not responsible for updates or lapse in plug-in functionality.  We are not responsible for any loss of business, site traffic, sales, etc. due to any plugin or any other issues with your blog or site.  It is your responsibility to check your site upon design installation to ensure that functionality works and is acceptable to you.  It is your responsibility to monitor and test your contact forms and other plugins periodically to ensure proper functionality.
  • We do reserve the right to charge a progress payment if your site, blog or logo takes longer than 1 to 2 months  to complete.  This payment will only be requested if the delay is on your end, which we completely understand, you’ve got a lot going on!  This is not in addition to the design fee, it will just be a fraction of your final payment, generally 1/4.
  • If your site or blog takes longer than 1 year  (365 days) to complete, consider your project terminated and you will need to pay a new deposit to restart the project.
  • We reserve the right to terminate contract/agreement and/or services at any time. This does not include blog/site hosting and domain registration, which are set up through a third-party vendor.  In the event that our design services are terminated for any reason, a full refund will be issued minus hours for work complete.  If you choose to terminate design services, the same conditions shall apply.  Ever had a bad date?  Well sometimes the designer client relationship is like that, and it becomes apparent that we  just don’t hit it off.  We understand if this happens on either end, and the above conditions will apply.  Being mean, nasty, yelling (yes, you can yell via email) or otherwise unpleasant is considered grounds for termination of services.  Refund will be based on work completed at time of termination.  Nice people only need apply.  We reserve the right to terminate projects that become lengthy or burdensome.
  • All blogs and websites are turn-key, changes or updates to site are not included in fee.  We do not provide technical support, should a functionality issue arise with your site you will want to contact your site host/domain provider for assistance.
  • Technical support.  You will be provided with the contact information of your site host if you experience any technical disruptions to your website.  Additionally, we are not available to add or update plugins or change other functionality once your site is complete.  We will store your graphic files free of charge.  If you want future WordPress support, plugin installation and other types of site maintenance, we are happy to provide a list of preferred referrals.  For a small fee they will install and update plugins, provide technical support and code updates among other services.  Little Blue Deer’s services are turn-key.   Our goal is to design a solid website using the WordPress content management system that the client can either maintain on their own (eg. update text and photography) or utilize one of our recommended WordPress technicians.  There are some web designers who do offer ongoing site maintenance, but we are a very small boutique company, and wish to keep it that way.  We design (literally!) over a hundred websites and blogs per year, and if we were available to update and make changes to every site we designed, we would not have time to focus on giving each client the time needed to design our signature chic, sophisticated and most importantly, unique, sites and blogs.  We take your investment seriously and want to give your site the time and attention that it deserves.  Also our maintenance policy helps keep our pricing competitive.  One of the main reasons that we build our sites and blogs in WordPress is that it is the most popular content management system in existence today and there are a huge number of reliable and reasonable programmers who readily offer WordPress maintenance services.  Please understand our limitations before proceeding and should you wish for a web designer who does offer ongoing maintenance programs we would be more than happy to offer referrals.  In the event that you need graphic design updates (on graphics custom-designed by Little Blue Deer), we generally are happy to do so at our current hourly rate of $85 (pro-rated).
  • Design work of any sort does not bind Little Blue Deer, LLC to any present or future obligation, including communication and updates with client.
  • This information is subject to change or update as needed and does not represent any commitment on the part of Little Blue Deer, LLC in the future.

How do you buy Prada at Target?  I have shaken my head many a time asking myself this very same question.  Here at Little Blue Deer, we strive to offer chic, sophisticated interactive design packages at reasonable prices.  But sometimes, the client asks for features that are above and beyond our range of services.  It is at this point that I shake my my head and ask myself  “Do people really think they can get Prada at Target?”  Web design is second nature to me, but I realize that it is not for everyone, I try to think of my clients as being like me, when I take my car into the shop.  It’s a complete mystery!  So I get that it is sometimes hard to tell what is beyond our scope just by looking at another website.  I am happy to gently point out what we can and cannot do for you.  Our services, and what we offer, are very clearly outlined on our services pages.  Please review this carefully before proceeding.   To keep our prices competitive, we offer a very basic range of services.  I’m not saying we are the Target of web designers (not that there’s anything wrong with Target), more like a small, cool boutique.  We would be happy to provide a list of some of our competitors, so that you may see how our pricing and service structure compare with theirs.  We’re definitely a good value, but please don’t sign up for our services and then wonder why we can’t give you Prada, okay?  From my multiple years of project management experience, I know that managing expectations is probably the most important part of client interaction, so I like to explain things clearly on the front end so we can have a pleasant (and dare I say fun!) designer/client relationship.  

Be nice!  We do not work with mean, demanding, imperious or otherwise generally unpleasant clients!  Really, we mean it.  We don’t.