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I think I’ve mentioned, I’m all about some natural Christmas decor.  Forget the bright greens and reds, I love naturals and neutrals.  I have a few holiday ideas inspired by this post to share.  Have a live tree?  The branches actually take a little while to dry out before they die, so try clipping a few sprigs from the back of your tree for table decorations, you can pop them into muffin tops (I probably wouldn’t be able to pull off the little mini topiaries, above, but a balsam sprig is doable).  Also here’s my quick secret weapon for muffins or popovers:  Jiffy cornbread mix with fresh blueberries.  It’s my go-to secret recipe, use oversized muffin tins and fresh blueberries (or raspberries for holiday color), and you have quick and easy muffins just like these (can also top with a quick cinnamon sugar crust).  Try tying napkins and silverware together with the balsam sprigs too, easy and cute!

My other signature is raffia.  I’m known among all my family and friends for my mad gift-wrapping skills, and I attribute 99% of that to my liberal use of raffia.  Just buy a couple bags of it at Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, or even Walmart sells it in the craft section, and use it in lieu of bows and ribbons on gift wrap.  It works for all occasions, and the best part, it doesn’t get mushed down or crumpled if you’re mailing or transporting gifts, it’s crush-proof.  I usually pick up some cheap mini ornaments at the Dollar Tree to tie onto the gifts as well for a little added color.

I’m all about quick and easy, so stick with me for fast and chic tips for your best holiday season ever!

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