Tassels + Feathers

Thinking up catchy names for blog posts is half the battle of blogging, I swear!  I mean, how ya gonna stand out otherwise?  But truly, this post really is about a skull, and a stick.  I think the skull trend is kind of over unless you’re shopping at PacSun in the Mall of America, I doubt even Alexander McQueen could resurrect it (ha ha get it?) but I really love this little peach keychain, the color takes away the edge don’t you think?  And then this is just a nice stick.  A walking stick maybe?  With a pom ball?  All I know is it’s from Sukha NL which means it’s Dutch and cool by default.  LBD is just all about inspiration ya’ll, my only aim on my blog is share gorgeous photo inspiration that I find, I think this totally fits the bill.

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