Take a Bath

Having trouble sleeping at night? Join the rest of us and welcome to my world, lol. I’ve long struggled with insomnia and have kind of actually gotten used to it, there are a lot of tips and tricks out there to help you sleep, but one of my favorite things to do is to take a hot bath before bedtime. I insist on getting into bed clean with my legs shaved, I know it’s weird but I’m just picky that way, and I really love to soak in a hot tub, even if it’s just for a few minutes before I go to sleep. Our bathroom isn’t quite so glamorous (couldn’t you just die over that copper tub?) but the achieved effect is the same, so if you’re struggling with quieting your mind and getting the rest you need, try it. If you have the time, add some Epsom salt and lavender for extra relaxation.  And remember, we’re all in it together, if you’re lying awake somewhere tossing and turning, odds are good so am I. Peace and love coming your way!

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