Sweet Florida Style




Sweet Florida!  As a Ft. Lauderdale resident, I’m right in the middle of the impending hurricane, and have wisely evacuated (I have no fear from weather but I don’t do no power – no way no how, and particularly not in 90+ degree temperatures).  I’m sure all will be well but I prefer not to be in the midst of it.  So today I was thinking about beautiful Florida, sure, they have PSAs to tell you to go to a real doctor not a fake doctor (really?!  people have to be told this??) and drivers view car insurance as a luxury, not a necessity (there’s a super seamy underbelly in SoFla trust me), it has grown on me a lot, and I’ve come to love the beauty of it all.  So in honor of our fair state I’m posting some gorgeous coastal inspo, everyone stay calm and stay safe!

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