Super Bright

While I work on crafting my Pantone color of the Year post (along with every other design blogger lol!) I was searching around on Pinterest for Greenery inspiration and I came across these babies.  Designing with lots of color is actually easier than it looks.  The key to bright colors is to pick one main theme (like a wall color or sofa) and design around it.  You can really use any color for your base, but you have to remember, the more the merrier.  So it doesn’t have to be perfectly matched, if you’re going for that eclectic look, pile on the color, it’s actually sort of fail-proof decorating, you can’t really go wrong.  So enjoy this inspiration, if you’re looking for more rooms like this, don’t forget to check out my Pinterest board, Bold + Bright (I’m forever adding to it).  And stay tuned for my pro design take on Greenery!

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