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Super Bright

I’m feeling all summery and super bright these days, so I’m really loving these light, bright yet elegant rooms!  In particular I’m crazy about the grey wall hanging, I just bought a bunch of art for our new condo, and while I’m pretty happy with it, I’m feeling a little bit of regret that I don’t have this amazing thing, my Swedish kroner to USD conversion skills are a little rusty but I’m thinking it’s around $280 USD (a bargain!), just not sure if it would even ship to the U.S. (though it actually looks like a really good excuse to go back to Sweden which might be one of the most awesome places on earth, trust me).  If you want to check it out, it’s here at Cosa Home Stories.  Anyway, the dog days of summer can get long and hard, just sharing a little happy inspo to brighten up your day!

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