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Sundress + Sneakers

I’m so excited today to share some of my shopping haul from my Scandinavia trip (and a link you can actually buy from!).  I totally could have filled up 3 suitcases in Copenhagen and Stockholm (Helsinki not so much even though it was my favorite city), but the shopping in Denmark and Stockholm was to die!  One thing that drives me crazy in America is the (and I can’t think of any better way to put it) “hoochie factor” of all the clothes here.  Everything is super short, ripped and distressed, none of it is classic and pretty, it all looks kind of cheap and trashy to me.  All of it!!  So I was in love with all the clothes in Scandinavia, they were all extremely conservative yet with chic little touches, tailored pants and blouses, midi dresses, and of course, the shoes.

I always buy shoes when I travel to Europe because the shoes there are one thing that you just can’t get stateside (here’s my travel hint: want to know who’s European and who’s not?  Look at their shoes).  This works especially well in international cities like NY and Miami, if you don’t recognize the shoes, they’re probably not American.  Then you just have to figure out whether to say Hola, Guten Tag, Bonjour or Hej which is a little harder lol.  So I got these shoes in Stockholm (if you’ve never been shopping in Stockholm, it’s a little bit like lower Broadway in NYC to be honest, a lot of chain stores, jammed with people, a lot of junk mixed in with the good stuff).  But after spending a whole afternoon on my shoe quest (was this a waste of time?  I think not!), I found these babies.  They’re Vagabond, and fortunately, they sell them online and ship to U.S., woo hoo!  These are the Casey, available here, and they come in all kinds of colors and materials (including yup, satin).

I’ve been all about the platform sneakers and skirts look this summer, and I get compliments all the time (since Ft. Lauderdale is fairly provincial they’re often along the lines of “Oh wow, a skirt with sneakers, how edgy” lol!).  But that’s my summer jam.  The Vagabonds are exceedingly comfortable, they have a cork sole and honestly, it’s like walking on air.  They’re narrow so they have a sleek look and they make your legs look a mile long.

More Scandi summer looks to come, but in the meantime, enjoy shopping some of my favorite sundress and sneakers looks here!

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