Summer Street Style Staples

Presenting: my summer street style staples!  If you’re anything like me, you buy one piece that you love, and you wear it, and wear it and wear it.  This year, that’s a pair of distressed Frame denim skinnies.  I bought them over Memorial Day, and they’re in heavy rotation in the wardrobe (never mind that it’s like 95 degrees out – they have lots of holes for ventilation!).  I’m a big fan of distressed denim, particularly in summer, the older I get the more I feel like I need to have an edge in my look, and quite frankly I can’t pull off a lot of the “kid” styles, like rompers, I just start to look too much like Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.  So denim like this solves the problem of looking current and edgy without looking too juvenile.

Pair denim with a white button-down for cooler evenings, and a pair of cut-offs with gladiator sandals for daytime (flip flops just don’t look as polished).  Also you can’t beat a pair of slick trainers for things like a long day at a theme park or touring around a city on vacay, I’m a big fan of Supergas myself but they aren’t as cushioned as these NB.  With distressed denim, keep all the other pieces clean (love this knit tank) and you have an insta-hipster look that’s cool, comfortable, and looks fab with a touch of a tan.  What are your fave summer style staples?


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