Start Your Summer Style Right!




It’s Memorial Day, and summer has officially started!  I’m wrapping up my mini-break and planning a little shopping today, trying to stay away from all the bougie brights and neons, in summer I tend to stick to neutrals:  classic white button-downs, seersucker shorts, leather Robert Clergerie sandals, and light scarves for when it’s over air-conditioned (which is like, everywhere in South Florida).  But the start of a new season is always fun, it’s a chance for a new look, a new vibe, a new state of mind.

It’s a fabulous time to consider a new blog design, logo design or website design, too.  If you’re thinking about starting a blog, summer is a great time to do it.  Work is always slower in the summer, so people have more time to read and blog, and there’s all those awesome vacation pix and outfits to post, too.  If you are in the market for a custom website design or custom logo design, summer is fab for that too, business is generally slower in summer so it’s a good time to step back and evaluate your branding.  You can get a head start on the fall rush if  you re-brand during the summer, so if you’re thinking of hiring a blog designer to assist you with a custom blog design (check out my post on 5 Reasons to Get a Custom Blog Design here) this is a great time to start.  Little Blue Deers offers a full range of graphic design services including blog design, website design and logo design, all with a chic and unique twist, so definitely visit me here if you want to check out our packages and pricing.  Just think, for the price of a full head of highlights, you can have a brand new logo, and it will last a lot longer, too.  Happy Summer and here’s to a short work week!
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