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Spread Your Word with Amazon

If you have a brand, it is likely that you have worked hard to spread its name across social media and pushed your website to heights that you never thought possible – however, there is a marketplace that you may have inadvertently missed.

This marketplace is Amazon, and while you may have missed this platform for a definite reason, you will quickly find that whatever the reason you chose, it is actually holding your brand back and costing you in lost sales and revenue. Although Amazon looks like a reasonably easy place to sell items and grow your brand, there are some key areas where you will have to pay attention and make an extra effort.

#1 Get your items photographed professionally

Your photographs will be the selling point; if your product doesn’t look good (or a competitor’s looks better), you are going to miss out on the sale. So, in order to get your photos to look their best, you should get your products professionally photographed.

Although you may think you can use stock photos that are available for free from the internet, you will find that with everyone – including your competitors using them- your listings get lost in the crowd. Having your listings, including your photos, stand out will draw attention and could win you the opportunity to make the sale.

#2 Choose the right Ad strategy

You will need to choose your ad strategy carefully, as being a successful seller and having a healthy profit margin takes more than just writing a listing with a pretty picture – it will require planning and the insight of an expert Amazon ad strategy agency. These are the people that know marketing tactics that work in the world of Amazon and will therefore be able to assist you in building your business and your brand more quickly and efficiently than you may have thought.

#3 Source correct packaging

You can also make a big difference to your product with the use of the right packaging. Packaging that displays your logo or brand name will heighten the quality of your product and improve your customer’s unboxing experience. To increase this further, you should invest in quality packaging inserts that hold your products firmly in place inside the branded packaging, as this declares that your product is of high value and, therefore, well protected.

#4 Consider adding free gifts

In order to make your brand and your product even more memorable to your customers, you can add a free branded gift. This can promote customer loyalty as they will purchase again if they think they will receive a free thank-you gift. This is almost a certainty if the gift is of good quality, useful and congruent, such as a product from your range. Of course, this will also start your customer relationship on a high note and could have them also recommending your products to friends and family members.

Final thoughts

Building your brand with Amazon can be relatively easy; however, to give the right impression to your customers and build a positive reputation, you will have to enlist the help of Amazon experts. Showing your products in their best light starts with your photography and ends with your packing and your customer’s unboxing experience, so it is wise to make everything count.



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