Some Things and Some Stuff

You can never have too much stuff!  I think shows like Hoarders have taught us that this is indeed not true, you can definitely have too much stuff, and also in the spirit of giving and generosity, I try to give away or share what I have, no sense in keeping it all to yourself when it can be of use to someone else, right?  But if you’re going for a seasonal refresh, it can be tempting to hide away your pieces that “don’t quite fit” with a room redo.  But these eclectic pieces show that if you think outside the box, a lot of things you think may not look quite right actually can all live in harmony in an interior design palette.  So before you take something to Habitat or hide it away in the basement, see if what you have can work with a fresh vision.  Creative upcycling can result in some beautiful vignettes like this!

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