So Shabby

I haven’t done a shabby chic post in awhile.  Well, today is the day! 
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  1. Ok – I want all of the above in my house!
    Have a super week.

  2. Hmmm, so pretty! Have a fab day Shari!

  3. shabby chic scares me sometimes…have seen too much white washed furnitures i think! nevertheless these images are great. dayle

  4. Shabby gone rather sophisticated I’d say.

  5. That last photo–wow. Pretty darn amazing. I love the greenery from outside peeking in. Beautiful.

  6. whenever i see shabby chic i think of my boyfriends families house on a lake in upstate NY :o)

  7. So So me!!! Love this!

  8. So pretty! I want a summer cottage that looks exactly like this! :)

  9. Shabby …..yes please xx
    Lynn x

  10. Love it!!!

  11. You know, I fell in love with your blog when I saw one of your Shabby Chic posts. It is so my style!

  12. lovely!

  13. Thanks for the inspiration! I’m currently trying to do something new with my home’s interior so these three photos already gave me loads of ideas

    xx indie by heart

  14. LOVE the first photo!

  15. stunning!! love theese interiors! :) x

  16. Love Shabby style, so cozy and simple.
    Big hugs

  17. And I’m so glad you did this post…beautiful and I needed some inspiration today :) Xoxoxo

  18. Save me a spot on that gorgeous white sofa and we will have a spot of tea and catch up on girlie gab!!

  19. oh yum!

    i’ve been going on home tours the last 2 weekends (it’s that time of year, i guess!) and have been seeing so many pretty things. chandeliers seem to be everywhere!!!

  20. absolutely beautiful.

  21. That kitchen is so happy and wonderful!

  22. And yes, I like it !!


  23. Hello gorgeous and sorry for the absence. x

    I love the living room in this house, and especially those large floor-to-ceiling windows!

    Hope all is well with you.

    Big hugs

    xx Charlotta