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pink satin pajamas
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gold sunburst mirror
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Who doesn’t love pink satin (well, what chick doesn’t love pink satin?)  Wildly impractical (the first coffee spill and you’re done for), and not warm at all (try these babies in February – yikes!) but so, so pretty and feminine.  I’m a little more conservative in my sleepwear choices but I love these inspiration photos, they’re just so beautiful and luxe. I know I’m never going to be one of those girls that lounges around in Ritz hotels eating macarons and looking all fine, I’m far too practical (and, let’s be honest, poor!) for that but it doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a little fantasy inspiration from time to time, I hope you do too!  And if this is your style, I have tons of pins on my Pinterest board: Grace Kelly Glam.  So be sure to check it out, and I’m a friendly pinner, so repin away, I’m good with it!

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