Custom website design

custom website design


Little Blue Deer now offers a solid WordPress website design package. We do NOT offer e-commerce services – no online shops.  For more information, see below and please check our current waitlist before proceeding:
$750 deposit, payable here:


  • Most importantly unique, custom graphics, our trademark!
  • Site header
  • Matching background
  • Custom navigation bar
  • Custom navigation menu dropdown
  • Matching search box
  • Matching social media icons
  • Favicon
  • Custom-designed homepage
  • Homepage slider
  • Custom 3-column footer
  • Up to 5 static pages
  • Gallery installation
  • Gallery customization
  • WordPress and Genesis framework installation
  • Contact page setup with contact form
  • Terms or FAQ page setup
  • Custom fonts
  • Button and font color matching
  • Akismet plugin install
  • Incorporate blog into site +$100


1.  W A I T L I S T  Upon receipt of your deposit, we will assign you a spot on our wait list.  Please view current wait time before completing deposit.  It generally takes 1 to 2 months to complete a site design.
2.  D O M A I N / H O S T I N G  Set up your domain registration (the address, eg. where your site will live, if you do not already own a domain, and hosting (hosting is the service that provides the space on the World Wide Web for your site to live).  You need both a domain and hosting. InMotion Hosting and Bluehost are our recommended domain and hosting providers.  You may click these links directly to sign up.  We do recommend that your purchase site lock and site backup add-ons if available.Does it sound like we are speaking Greek?  No problem, we are happy to assist with both of these for no additional cost.
3.  E X I S T I N G  S I T E S  If you already have a live website, we can generally work with most existing site hosts. For live websites, we will build and work from a hidden development site and will be hidden from search engines while we work.  When the development site is complete, it will be pointed to your existing site, replacing the existing site with the new one.  This means minimal disruption to your existing website.  Please read this first.
3.  D E S I G N  I N S P I R A T I O N  Fill out our site design inspiration form.  This will give us all of the information that we will need to begin work on your site.  You may also email us any additional thoughts or files or send a link to a Pinterest board.
4. T I M E L I N E  You may expect a link to your live development site at the end of your assigned week.  These times are approximate, we do not guarantee them, but this is generally our timetable.  Then we will work together, communicating via email, to tweak and adjust your site to your specifications.  We offer up to 3 rounds of revisions.  Remember, the more clear and concise you are up front about what you are looking for, the more likely that the initial site will meet your expectations!
5.  G O  L I V E !  Once we are settled on the final site design and content , we will publish the site to your domain and you can tell all of your friends, furbabies, competitors, etc. because it will be live!  We do reserve the right to charge a progress payment if your site takes longer than 1 to 2 months  to complete.  This payment will only be requested if the delay is on your end, which we completely understand, you’ve got a lot going on!  This is not in addition to the design fee, it will just be a fraction of your final payment, generally 1/4.
6.  P A Y M E N T  At that point you will be invoiced for the final payment.
7.  M A I N T E N A N C E  Keep in mind that we are designers. Our site updates are limited to custom graphics created by Little Blue Deer.  If you wish for other types of maintenance service, we will gladly include our preferred maintenance referrals.  We will be happy to provide a zip file of your custom graphics free of charge.  Please read more about our maintenance policy by clicking on “Terms and Conditions” below.
8.  A D D – O N S  Want to extend your brand?  We offer social media graphic design, business cards, logo design and more just ask!.

A D D  O N S


H O M E P A G E  P O P U P  (W P  S I T E + W P  B L O G  O N L Y)  $50
A homepage popup where users can sign up for a newsletter or other call to action.  You must set up your own email newsletter list through Mailchimp, Constant Contact or Jetpack to use theis option. See example here.

H O V E R I N G  P I N – I T  B U T T O N  $20
A matching button that appears when users hover over an image on your site to pin to Pinterest.  See example here.

P O S T   S I G N A T U R E  (B L O G  O N L Y ) $5
A custom signature that appears below your blog posts.  See example here.

F A C E B O O K  P A G E  H E A D E R + P R O F I L E  P I C  $25
A matching header for your Facebook page plus profile photo.  See example here.

D O N ‘ T  S E E  I T?  J U S T  A S K!
Boy do we love graphic design (I hope it shows!).  Want to add something that you don’t see?   Just ask!  We’ll let you know how we can help you.

R E C E N T  P I N S  S I D E B A R  W I D G E T  $20
A gallery featuring your most recent Pinterest pins.  See example here.

I N S T A G R A M  G A L L E R Y  O R  S L I D E S H O W $20
A gallery or scrolling slideshow of your most recent Instagram posts.  See example here.

F A C E B O O K  L I K E  B O X  $20
A like box, linked to your Facebook account, where users can view recent Facebook content and “like” your Facebook page directly from your website.  See example here.

R E L A T E D  P O S T S  P O S T  F O O T E R  (B L O G  O N L Y)  $20
Encourage readers to visit other posts on your blog by showcasing related posts.  See example here.

T W I T T E R  P A G E  H E A D E R + P R O F I L E  P I C $25
A matching header for your Twitter feed plus profile photo.  See example here.

“G R A B  T H I S”  B L O G  B U T TO N  $10
A matching button with HTML code for readers to easily copy and paste.  See example here.  

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