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Little Blue Deer now offers a solid WordPress starter package. For more information, see below and please check our current waitlist before proceeding:
$750 deposit, payable here:

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what will my site include?

1.  Most importantly unique, custom graphics, our trademark!  These include:
-Site header
-Matching background
-Sidebar and footer graphics
-Custom navigation bar graphics
-Matching social media icons
(What makes Little Blue Deer different from our competitors is our unique attention to the graphic design element of your site.  Every site is unique, and we work really hard to create a brand that is unique to you and your business, not a cookie-cutter website)
2.  Slideshow or photo gallery integration
3.  Blog integration:  we will incorporate a blog into your website for an additional fee of $100.  The blog will appear at
4.  Up to 5 static pages set up:  We will upload and install your content (eg. About page, Services, Press page, and any photos or informational content you wish to include).  We will provide you with access to our Dropbox account so that you may upload photos for your site directly from your desktop.  Additional page setup will incur additional fees, dependent on content.  A page is considered to be text and/or photography, provided by the client. If you wish for additional graphics or a more sophisticated or intensive page layout, additional fees will be incurred.  This includes e-design questionnaires, which will incur an additional expense.  This will be discussed beforehand, rest assured we will never surprise you with a bill for extras at the end of the project.
5.  Installation of WordPress plus Genesis framework and customized child theme (a $59 value).  We just need your site host information, we do not charge extra to install WordPress and Genesis on your site.

what is not included:

-Email setup (you should set up any email with your domain registrar)
-E-Commerce.  We are not building any e-commerce sites at this time, informational only please.
-SEO services.  We will install the SEO by Yoast plugin, but do not provide any support, you will need to fill in meta content and additional information, if desired.  and the WordPress theme that we use is search engine optimized, however, we do not offer any additional SEO services and do not guarantee Google or Bing page ranking.
-Photoshop services (Need a photo adjustment?  This is available for an additional per photo charge.  This includes placing 2 portrait-oriented photos onto a single slide in a slideshow)
-Technical support.  You will be provided with the contact information of your site host if you experience any technical disruptions to your website.  Additionally, we are not available to add or update plugins or change other functionality once your site is complete.  We will store your graphic files free of charge.  If you want future WordPress support, plugin installation and other types of site maintenance, we highly recommend The Blog Butler.  For a small monthly fee they will install and update plugins, provide technical support and code updates among other services.
-E-commerce:  We no longer offer e-commerce or shops of any kind at this time.
-Phone calls:  we do not accept phone calls at any time.  All conversation is limited to email.  We do not Skype or chat.  We are readily available via email Monday through Friday, EST and are closed most American holidays.
-Logo design.  A website header, though custom-designed to fit you and your unique brand, is NOT a stand-alone logo.  If you wish for a stand-alone logo with fully-scalable files and the rights to use all files, you will need to purchase our logo design package separately here.

how it works:

1.  Upon receipt of your deposit, we will assign you a spot on our wait list.  Please view current wait time before completing deposit. If after reviewing your site design inspiration form we determine that our services are not a good fit for your intended project, your deposit will be refunded in full immediately.  Please be aware that your start date is just that, an estimated date that we will start working on the back end of your site.  This date is an estimate only, though we generally run on schedule.  It generally takes 1 to 2 months to complete a site design.
2.  Set up your domain registration (the address, eg. where your site will live, if you do not already own a domain.  You will also need to purchase/set up website hosting (hosting is the service that provides the space on the World Wide Web for your site to live).  You need both a domain and hosting, we do not offer these services.   GoDaddyand Bluehost are our recommended domain and hosting providers.  Save both your username and passwords for both domain registrar and site host.
3.  If you already have a live website, we can generally work with most existing site hosts, provided they offer Linux-based site hosting and WordPress one-click installation.  Most site hosts do, we are happy to inquire with your existing site host if you are unsure.  For live websites, we will build and work from a hidden development site hosted at your site host.  The development site will reside at an address like and will be hidden from search engines while we work.  When the development site is complete, it will be pointed to your existing site, replacing the existing site with the new one.  This means minimal disruption to your existing website.
3.  Fill out our site design inspiration form.  This will give us all of the information that we will need to begin work on your site.  There is a space on this form for your domain registrar and site host login information as well.  You may also email us any additional thoughts or files.
4. You may expect a link to your live development site at the end of your assigned week.  These times are approximate, we do not guarantee them, but this is generally our timetable.  Then we will work together, communicating via email, to tweak and adjust your site to your specifications.  Remember, the more clear and concise you are up front about what you are looking for, the more likely that the initial site will meet your expectations.
5.  Once we are settled on the final site design and content (once again, this process generally takes 1 to 2 months), we will publish the site to your domain and you can tell all of your friends, dogs, cats, competitors, etc. because it will be live!  We do reserve the right to charge a progress payment if your site takes longer than 1 to 2 months  to complete.  This payment will only be requested if the delay is on your end, which we completely understand, you’ve got a lot going on!  This is not in addition to the design fee, it will just be a fraction of your final payment, generally 1/4.
6.  At that point you will be invoiced for the final payment.
7.  Keep in mind that we are designers, not site hosts and not a site maintenance company.   Our site updates are generally limited to graphic design, we do not add new plugins for you or update other functionality.  If you wish for this type of service, we recommend The Blog Butler.  We will be happy to provide a zip file of your custom graphics free of charge.
8.  Want to extend your brand?  We offer matching Facebook page covers and Twitter profile pics and wallpaper for an additional fee of $25 each.

other considerations:

You can expect a link to your development site by the end of your assigned week, and have your site installed thereafter, dependent upon revisions.  These times are approximate; we do not guarantee them, but your site is as important to us as it is to you, and we try to work as quickly as we can.   Many times clients start a site, and then disappear.  That is totally okay by us, and it’s why we charge a deposit, we know that you are busy and that things come up in life!  Just keep in mind that if you are not readily available during the allotted design period (usually 1 to 2 months for site design), you will be placed at the bottom of our queue when you are ready to begin work on your site again.  Your deposit will expire at the end of 365 days so if you wish to start again after that period, we will require a new deposit to continue working on your site.
*We reserve the right to charge for excessive revisions.  We require a 50% deposit to start work on your site.  This deposit is non-refundable, it takes lots of time to create the initial development site, hence the deposit.  The remaining balance may be paid after the site is installed.


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