Simple 17

Welcome to 2017!  I’m feeling good about the new year, in part because I did some seriously housecleaning, both physical and virtual, during the holidays this year.  I started back in November, I sent a bunch of clothes to ThredUp, took a bunch of stuff to Goodwill and actually threw some things out.  Which got me thinking about our footprints, trust me, I am not a big recycler or friend of the planet, sadly (this is sheer laziness on my part rather than any great moral (or immoral) stance), but all the stuff I had accumulated over the years got me thinking about all of the things we have that we don’t need.  The shopping trips to HomeGoods when I’m bored, the gifts you get you just can’t throw away, all of those things add up and someday, they’re going to have to go somewhere.  I started to feel kind of wasteful and bad, so I made the decision to start living more simply, with only the things I need.  My nest is still nicely feathered, but when it comes to one more picture on the wall or decorative frame, well, it’s just not going to happen.  I like the feeling of having simplified, and I hope to keep it up like, forever.  But those vintage tennis racquets though, now there’s something I might make an exception for!

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