Shop Small Saturyay!

Happy Shop Small Saturday! Shop Small has a double meaning this year, we all know we don’t want to clump on top of each other in large, crowded stores, so not only does Shop Small offer the opportunity to shop more distantly and safely in smaller spaces, it gives you the opportunity to support our small local retailers who have been hit hard by this pandemic. Here in Vermont, all retail was shut down for two months last spring, for businesses that thrive on travel and tourism (here in my state there are tons of beautiful handmade goods), this was a hit that will take years to recover from. And with economic insecurity abounding, people might not be traveling and shopping as much.

I have always found that every time I give something away, I get it back tenfold, so supporting your small local and online businesses is a great way to pass it on and help in your own community. If you have a small business, feel free to save and share our free Instagram story template above to promote your business, and we have a number of small business promotion instagram post graphics and story covers here so please feel free to download and share, let us help you support small business today!



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