Satin + Linen

Ya’ll if there is any better combination for summer than linen and satin, I don’t know what it is! Now, let’s be real here, these outfits require that you emerge from your air-conditioned home set to 68 degrees, directly into your air-conditioned car (and it already has to be running and the AC on, there’s no time for sweating it out with your shirt stuck to the back of the car seat while the freon does its job) and then you need like, a personal fan holder and spritzer as you get from the car to the party or wherever you’re going. So unless you live in Alaska or the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, these outfits are totally impractical and best saved for October. But I’m just dying over the rustic, nubby linen and the sleek, silky satin paired with gold, agh, I am such a neutrals girl!

So when I win the lottery, this is how it’s going to be, linen and satin, white, beige and gold all day, every day – yeah!

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