Sage It Away

Some crazy times out there, lately, unrest, scary virus numbers, it can all be a little bit (or a lot!) disconcerting. I’ve seen some things and some stuff for sure, and we’re all probably getting a bit more worn than we want to be, I know I am. But I try to focus on the good in life when I can, and take care of myself. Sunshine, exercise, good eating (and plenty of chocolate I won’t lie!) all are really helpful, as is meditation, quiet reflection and doing my best to help others. I’ve never saged before but I’m interested in it! I feel like I want to sage 2020 away! Anyway, these gorgeous and spiritual inspirational images really soothed my soul, if you have any tips on tiny day-to-day tips that you use to get calm and centered in troubled times I would sure love to hear them! Love and light going out, always!

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