Rustic Holiday




Glamorous Christmas, French Christmas, rustic Christmas, I will celebrate the holiday any way! I love these understated, rustic images, don’t you? What is your favorite holiday theme? 

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  1. Hi Shari! these images are definetly my type of Christmas: rustic! And decorations made with natural materials!
    Have a happy Christmas!!

  2. hi Shari,

    Love the beautiful images you have shown and yes, a simplistic and happy time is a good time.

    Have a wonderful Christmas, dear friend

  3. The images are stunning and the second one is so beautiful:) Happy day, darling

  4. Rustic chic Love it ! and all those colours and textures goes well with tarte tatin for me !! xxx

  5. Oh so pretty! I want like everything in that second picture :)

    And a happy holiday to you Shari!

  6. Hi
    Loved this post, and the photos were gorgeous:)
    Want to wish you a very Merry Christmas:)

    See ya,,,

  7. This year, mine is all white, with vintage tags strewn all around. My vintage white sofa table is adorned with a French rustic them…twigs, cloches covering glittered goodies and moss strewn about as well…so beautiful and peaceful….Merry Christmas to you Shari dear. You have brought so much daily beauty my friend. Anita

  8. Oh my words got lost!!! Shari, thank you for a year filled with the most beautiful images one could see on a daily basis….you are marvelous. Anita

  9. I love a bit of change each year in the decor… your scenes are yummy and low stress. Yes, soothing and relaxing are the themes I am going for.

    Love your images and so glad that I found your beautiful blog and an Emory girl… I have an elegant window for you today.

    Merry Christmas, mon amie!

  10. Anything French is good in my book! Lovely! I got my bracelet yesterday… thank you! xo

  11. Loving the last picture!

  12. I think that I must say the rustic Christmas after seeing your wonderful pictures !

    Merry Christmas !


  13. I always love seeing how others wrap their Christmas gifts and the last image is so gorgeous!! I love the dried citrus and the brooch. Too cool!!

    Hope you have the loveliest of Christmas’s!

    :) Hazel
    Hazel Loves Design

  14. Well, before this post I would have said a winter white theme, but this rustic French theme is absolutely stunning. You always make me fall in love with whatever you post.

  15. I love the images! any scene would be a fabulous way to celebrate!

  16. I love a good rustin holiday….That bow in the last pic is soo cool. Looks like Burlap. So cool….


  17. Shari – you are such a “star” in blogland. I love to celebrate rustic, traditional or modern…as long as there is candlelight, good music and good cheer!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  18. I’ve always loved what I refer to as “elegant Christmas” — I can’t really define it but I know it when I see it.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  19. I could never pick a favorite because I love all of them, all white, french and rustic are probably at the top but even crazy colorful, country and over the top are great to me. That filled bucket in the last image is just lovely.

  20. sigh worthy!

  21. the first pic is really pretty, reminds me of the setting in mamma mia, i also love the simplicity and minimalism of the second pic.
    thanks for sharing, shari, and have a great xmas!!

  22. I love the photos! So christmasey! ;D Nice blog. Have a nice day. xxVaivaxx


  23. Omgosh, I am not a rustic gal at all but these lovely images could change me in short order. Love the last image, these are wonderful!! Merry Christmas,Kathysue

  24. Pretty! loved the wrapped gifts.

  25. I am so in love with that first picture!!!

  26. these rustic themes are stunning! specially love all the white on the second picture :)

  27. Nothing to not love about rustic and French- great photos- Hope your week is going well!

  28. The smell of pine is so well appreciated during the holidays! Beautiful photos and I love the rustic theme!

  29. Rustic is so cozy!! Take care, Caroline

  30. This i my style !! love it !! love you……merry christmas darling… love love Ria….xxxx….

  31. So beautiful. I love the casualness in the decoration. Wonderful. Carla

  32. Oh Ms. Shari….I love these images!! Happy Holidays dear friend! Xoxoxo

  33. Beautiful pictures!! Amazing!!

  34. Rustic is always right up my alley! So much charm and warmth..who could resist?!
    Have a Merry Christmas!

  35. Sigh, I’m still dreaming about having a lovely little rustic cottage like the first image somewhere in the hills of Greece!

    That along with fab company, a great table full of food and wine!


  36. Hi,deasrest Shari:-)*

    You bring us always in a mostly wonderful world here in this magic Blogland world…
    Thank you so very much for all you fantastic posts!!!

    Wish you fabulous Christmas days and Happy,Happy New 2011 year!!!

    Much Love to you,

  37. These are just the most beautiful images Shari! I am big on white for Christmas and just bits of green and hints of antique aqua…Love the rustic look, maybe next year I will be more prepared :) for a true rustic look! Wishing you a wonderful and happy Christmas and many bright things in the coming year!

    xoxo Mary Jo

  38. Rustic chic, I love it!

  39. These are utterly gorgeous! I really love the last photo. It’s perfect!

    I like blue and white theme, or aqua and red. Or pastel shades or neutral. I’m all over the place I think :)

  40. ADORE these beautiful rustic images!!

  41. beautiful pictures!

    I became a follower of your blog, hope you do the same for mine : )


  42. Such beautiful rustic images. I love a little rustic in my library and a little more glamour in my living room.

  43. beautiful , natural colours ..those pictures are very much like Latvian traditional Christmas ..grey linen – simple perfection ..

  44. I am willing to celebrate the holiday any way too! :) Love the images as always Shari! :)

  45. Hi Shari ~ loving these images today, especially the last one!

    Merry, Merry Christmas to you!!

  46. Your site just keeps getting prettier and prettier each time I come by:) I hope you have a magical Christmas, friend!
    Julie xo