Run to Me

Back to school season will be upon us before we know it, and I’m loving these moodboards and collage walls for fresh and fun dorm decor.  When I was at college, we tacked up reproductions of Van Gogh’s sunflowers with sticky putty (they say it doesn’t harm the walls ha ha – it does!).  But we’re all far more stylish now right?!  Instead of posters, a corkboard or bulletin board (which a lot of dorm rooms already have installed) with a cool inspiration collage can work just as well and be more visually interesting.  I love a bold typography statement mixed into a moodboard, but the beauty of them is that you can change them up as often as you wish!  Or if you don’t like the maximalist moodboard style, what about just a few favorite quotes artistically placed, same impact, less work.  Like I always say when it comes to design, think outside the box (or board!)

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