Rosé the Day Away

Rosé the day away?  Ha ha not me, but more power to you if you do!  That’s what Saturdays are for, right?!  Mine is the usual mixture of errands and exercise, I know they’ve invented lots of ways to shortcut your errands (none of which I use by the way) but as far as I know, no one can exercise for you, argh.  I seriously do not know how people just have fun on the weekends like, when do you catch up on the week??  When do you grocery shop?  I know, I know, Shipt, but then when do you cook for the week?!  LOL, such a rat race life is!  Does anyone else feel like this?  I’m so curious, or are we all living like an instagram life, beautiful on the surface but we’re paddling madly below the water to keep up.  Probably the latter, but chime in below if you have any tips!

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