Romper Room

Okay, I think there are fashion lines, and I think that 40 might be one of them for a few items.  I’m on the fence on rompers.  Just the name, rompers, okay, it sounds like something for kids, like a name they would give to the toddler room in a daycare center, lol!  Another name for a romper is a playsuit and I mean, didn’t we wear those when we were like, 5?  So I’m super hesitant on the romper even though they’re all over the place this spring!  If you’re under 40 proceed (but with care, nothing worse than a too-short, too-tight romper one-piece fashion disaster, believe me I see this all the time in good old south Florida where minimal clothing is par for the course!)  If you’re over 40 I think it’s a fine line.  I’m in good shape for sure, so it’s not really that I just wonder if my face is too mature for the romper look.  If I do choose to romp this spring, it will be with flats, that’s for sure, and probably a cardigan in case I freak out and decide I look stupid.  Anyway!  If you’re going to romper it, here are some of my favorites!

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