Rich Blues





I am loving these blues, and when the gorgeous Olivia asked me to do a redesign for her blog, Casually Defined and mentioned that she wanted navy, I jumped at the opportunity! 

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  1. gorgeous when are you moving in xxx


  2. Lovely!

  3. Lobe those diningrooms! Navy is fabulous!

  4. Love I mean!

  5. Oh, How Divine!!!


  6. Good mdorning Shari! Now Navy Blue is a hue I never considered, but the way you show it here is making me LOVE this now! That first photo is gorgeous! Anita

  7. The last picture……*sigh*….the closet with all the drawers!!!!!! *SIGH*……wonderfull…..

    you are realy busy with all those new designs aren’t you!!!;)


  8. Gorgeous photos…Im really loving this shade too…off to check out your new blog piece of art:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Enter my Spoil Me Fashion Jewelry Giveaway!!♥

  9. That bathroom is just perfection, would not mind to soak for an hour with a glass of wine in that tub!

    And a happy Monday to you :)

  10. That bathroom looks stunning
    Happy Monday, my dear

    Ps: I am hosting a beautiful home decor GIVEAWAY later today, just in time for Christmas!

  11. Loving that very first picture! Just beautiful!

    Am off to check out your latest design project.
    You’re on a roll darling!! :)

    xx Charlotta

  12. Ooh loving the color and it may make me change my mind about slate now!

  13. You were wonderful to work with! xoxo

  14. Love these images!! And how smart of Olivia to request navy – it’s such a sophisticated neutral!!

  15. Hi
    The last one is great !!


  16. Love a rich navy…and it pairs so well with other colors! Take care, Caroline

  17. The chandelier and gilt mirror pop against the wallls. I love propping mirrors rather than hanging.

  18. That bathroom…yes please, it’s stunning and simple yet luxurious. Beautiful! Wishing you a great week, Love from London xo

  19. Beautiful header and I can see myself soaking that amazing tub!! Gorgeous pictures!!

  20. That first image is one of my all time fave! Love the new blog redesign… love the navy! You should make yourself a little dressing table area! xo

  21. I would love a huge fab chandelier in the bathroom one day, of course I would need the correspondent bathroom too but hey we can dream right!

  22. ok that 1st room MUST be mine! Can I move in?!
    Lilac and Grey

  23. Can’t pick a favorite pic/room…all so lovely! Hope you had a great weekend! Heading over to check out the new design! Cheers!

  24. Happy new week darling…love Ria…..

  25. beautiful inspirations… thanks…

  26. Adore the first room and great looking blog! Janell

  27. How grand and lovely.

  28. Gorgeous! Love the light fixtures too.

  29. Love the elegant but shabby chic dining chairs in that first shot and don’t even get me started on that awesome cabinet in the bathroom!

  30. That bathtub is to die for!!! Love it!

  31. Gorgeous images! I’m going to check out your blog redesign now!

  32. Ooh I have that dark inky blue in my stairway and office/ study!! Love it!

    Art by Karena

  33. oooh how inviting!!!

  34. Casually Defined has wonderful taste, and so do you, Shari! & I think this is my absolute dream bathroom. xoxo

  35. That first photo made my jaw drop. I love the fullness of this theme.

  36. So gorgeous – I would love to see these interiors in person.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  37. love that rich dining room – so cozy for a family dinner :)

  38. I love these photos and have been trying to convince a friend to let me decorate his livingroom with a navy wall forever so I am navy sympathetic!
    Gorgeous bathroom too! Just love that luxurious curtain puddling on the floor!

    xo Mary Jo

  39. so pretty! i love the delicate flowers in pic 2 and the tub in pic 3 :)

  40. These images are ALL TDF! Will check out your latest!

  41. I’d have to say I love all the chandeliers too.

  42. Gorgeous I love the color, awesome choice 😀


  43. you cant go wrong with blue! I love all three of these rooms.

  44. beautiful…..looks just like my place….when I’m dreaming that is!

  45. So gorgeous. Love little hits of the pale pale tiffany blue … my favorite color 😉

  46. the first space is my favorite. so textured + lovely!

    xo Alison

  47. Hi Shari,

    I love the gorgeous rooms you have shown here, so elegant.
    Also navy blue is such a smart colour, especially with white or cream and love the new header for Olivia, great job.

    Happy week

  48. Thanks for the comment and even following my blog! I am very pleased. :) XX

    Best wishes,
    CK from


  49. Gorgeous giant mirror in that 1st pic. xx

  50. Gorgeous colour and that bathroom is one of my all time favourites- so exquisite! Beautiful redesign as well:) xo

  51. Loving all of these images, but the ceiling on the second photo is amazing!! Love Olivia’s blog redesign…great look!!

  52. The gilded mirror is absolutely stunning, gorgeous dining room!


  53. i’ve got to have that tub!!!

  54. Fabulous job, love! Oh and what I’d do to have that bathroom. All J wants is a tub like that. One day, it will be mine!!! Oh better yet, maybe that’s a good idea for an xmas gift for J. What do u think??? :)


  55. These rooms are absolutely gorgeous. Just found your blog and its equally as lovely.

  56. OH…..I love it all! And, a beautiful job on the new redesign. xoxo

  57. Shari! I love that top photo. You find the best stuff. :)

  58. Gorgeous rooms. I love the bathroom with the lockers. Blue has quickly become my favorite color.

  59. BLueS will never let you down!
    awesome BLEU room images Shari!
    (merci for your sweet visit:)

  60. You rock my friend, you rock!!!! Love your latest creation. Classy and chic.

    A warm hug,


  61. Dearest sweet shari, these images are soo inspiring and beautiful! I really adore your creations of a re-design! Very chic and beautiful! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!


  62. omg I love that mirror….


  63. The bathtub is dreamy!

  64. that bathroom is incredible…wow!