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So in one of my posts from last week you might have noticed that I talked an awful lot about steak.  I love steak!  I love steak, pork chops, bacon, red meat of all kinds.  And what I really like is when someone cooks it for me, but I must say that lately I have been really into cooking.  I’m not super adventurous, I have learned my lesson from launching right into something super-fancy from Food and Wine that requires that I go to three different markets and spend $150 on a dinner that I am ultimately going to screw up anyway (you won’t find a shallot, braised or otherwise, in my kitchen, trust me).  So, I’m trying to be adult about the whole thing and start simple.  I have a crock pot (which I am delighted to say that I got with my Winn-Dixie points – and you guys thought I was all classy and everything, right?!)  Hey – I like free stuff as much as the next girl!  But I’ve done a really nice pork tenderloin, an awesome and super-spicy chicken tortilla soup with avocado, shrimp and grits, things like that.  I’m ready to venture a little further though, and I think can, because I know how to follow a recipe.  That’s so key, both in cooking and life.  Following directions, if they’re clear, step-by-step, can really result in an amazing product, be it a meal, a project, really anything.  When it comes to website and blog design, I have a recipe that I follow too.  I use a solid theme (Genesis), take care of permalinks, make sure the HTML, php and CSS is solid and working cross-browser (have I lost you yet?).  I build a strong foundation, and then add in the custom graphics that make a Little Blue Deer design so memorable.  Just like in a recipe, I’ve learned to follow directions and best practices, resulting in a final product that is, well, delicious.

My logo design company and website design company, Little Blue Deer will always follow the “recipe” for great website and blog design (Blogger and WordPress!)   Little Blue Deer web design company offers website development, logo and business card design, and blog design for small shops and other businesses who are looking to make a strong graphic impact.  Years of experience in web design have allowed me to refine my recipe for design success, I really want to share it with you!
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