Pretty Messy

Since I work from home, I require that my house be clean and pristine at all times. I can’t stand when stuff is out of place, and since we have 2 cats, I have to vacuum the floor every day (I know, I know, get a Roomba, but I’m afraid the cats will be scared of it – any experience on this?). So you could eat off my floors, and there’s not one thing out of place, so of course it makes sense that I would be absolutely obsessed with these pretty, yet messy workspaces. As you know I’m a big fan of inspiration boards (though no way would I let one in my house, it’s been my experience that these are better off in theory than they are in practice, my real ones never look as nice as the ones on Pinterest), but I just adore these ones here, the Tolix chairs, the weathered paint, the chalkboards, someday when I have two houses I’ll have one messy one and one pretty one!

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