Pretty in {Hot} Pink

So I’m not a big buyer of lottery tickets, but when I do buy one (and what does buying one do anyway but afford you the 24 hours or so of daydreaming about what you would actually do if you won the lottery?) I don’t fantasize about G-6’s and jetset travel, I fantasize about decor. If I won the lottery I swear I would spend every last bit of it on houses and furnishing, minus my mental list I keep of people around me I really want to help: I want to help Mike get his teeth fixed, I want to buy Stephanie a car, like, the people I see at church and other places that really work hard and could really use a break, but otherwise, I would have me some pink walls!

I can never settle on one specific decor style, so I figure it would be easiest just to have, like, 5 or 6 houses: a beach condo here in SoFla, a UES penthouse in NYC, a cozy loft in London, an airy pied-à-terre in Paris, you feel me. But all I know is, one of them would be maximalist pink! This is something I could never pull off in my primary residence, but I am crazy about these deep pink rooms and all the overdone boho touches, these are some of the photos I would give my interior designer and say: “This. Make it like this.”

So what about you? Given 50 million dollars, what kind of houses would you buy? What would you do in them? I love to talk about decor, and I’m dying to know!

{ photo source: 1 | 2 | 3 }


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