Pour on the Pineapple!

With it being so super hot and steamy here recently, my mind can’t help but wander to thoughts of a tropical paradise! And while it looks like a trip to the beach might not be in the cards this year (and if it is, it will be Maine which is decidedly NOT tropical, lol), I’m feeling inspired by these darling tropical tablescapes. A tablescape is a great way to play around with your decor, it doesn’t involve much money or effort, and it can add a little fun and festivity to a regular meal or barbeque. Pineapples themselves are so great because they’re cool and cheerful even on their own, and pretty easy to cut and core, so you can use them as drink holders or scoop fried rice or other treats right into them. Finish off with some woven raffia mats for placemats, palm fronds (easy to find fake ones even at the dollar store) and some bright tropical print napkins, and you’ve got a luau-worthy setting whether you’re in Montana or Maui!

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