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So about a month ago, I decided to try to fill up some of the empty picture frames I had around the house.  I’m sure you guys have them too, and I’m guilty of this as well – cute picture frames make great gifts, and I even buy them for myself, I’ll see one in Homegoods and it’s just so awesome, I think, oh, it’s inexpensive, I’m going to buy it, I’ll use it.  So I gathered up all the frames I had, snatched up my iphone and printed out some of my favorite photos at Walgreens (honestly that’s my go-to for photo printing).  I popped them in the frames and ran around the house arranging them.  Well, cut to one week later, I took them all down and put them in the armoire.  Why?  They looked bad!  I know that sounds cold, but our house is so tiny, and the photos weren’t the greatest quality (despite being a graphic designer, I fall down hugely in the photography department), and they just looked junky and bad.  So I’ve decided for the time being that actual snapshots are best left to Facebook for the time being.  So I was inspired by these awesome shots, now here are some great examples of photography that actually adds rather than detracts from the decor, thought I’d share.  Happy Monday!

{ photo source: 1 | 2 | 3 }



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