So I think I had mentioned that we are going up to Vermont in June to look at second houses (and by houses I mean shacks, lol, Burlington in particular is not cheap!). So a lot of these little towns are older and the houses of course are old, and I keep seeing tons of wallpaper! And not the cool kind like I’ve found here, but the old, 80s style. I have no problem seeing past all of that stuff when house-hunting, no problem at all in fact, but my husband literally cannot do it. If a house isn’t staged to the hilt, he’s out (though don’t they say that the woman always buys the home?). Anyway, it just got me thinking about wallpaper, I’m a paint girl myself, but if you have experience with wallpaper, either removing it or putting it up, let me know your thoughts, I truly would love to hear what I’m getting myself into if our dream home is papered to the hilt!

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